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Find Your Wireless Credit Card Solution Here!

Wireless credit card terminals give you the advantage of taking your business with you on the go.

If you are looking for a short term solution, check out our credit card machine rental page. You can rent a credit card machine for as little as one day for any event.

If you are looking at a long term wireless credit card terminal for your buisness check our our Clover Flex. It is a wireless unit that uses WIFI or 3g-4g networks, it is a perfect sloution if you needs a wireless credit card terminal for you business.

    Uses WIFI or 3g-4g Networks

    Battery Life can last up to 24hrs. Depending on usage

    Accept more types of payments from magnetic stripe and EMV®-enabled credit and debit smartcards to EMV contactless (including Apple Pay)—all without additional equipment

Wireless : similar to a cellular phone, these use GPRS towers to process transactions. This makes them the most flexible and dependable credit card machines because you can take them anywhere and they will last you a long time.

Mobile : these are becoming increasingly popular with small businesses. While they are perfect for fairs, tradeshows, and other temporary occasions, it is recommended to use an actual terminal for day to day operation as they are much more durable.

Wifi : this type of terminal uses your private secure wireless hotspot to process transactions. This is perfect for locations where you don't want your terminal tied down to one spot. One possibility is to use these terminals in a restauraunt so your waiters can take the terminals to the tables they are waiting on.

Secure cellular and wireless technology allows you to accept credit cards almost anywhere using a wireless magnetic card reader. The Clover Flex is our terminal of choice.

With Cardservice International, you will get the best wireless credit card processing rate, lowest transaction fees and unlimited wireless use on our secure GPRS network.

When you apply for a new merchant account from Cardservice International, they can supply you with a wireless magnetic card reader at rock bottom pricing. Our prices are so low that we do not publish them for our competition to see. Before your application is complete, we will discuss the wireless credit card terminal of your choice and confirm the pricing. Nothing will move forward until you are completely satisfied.

In years past, mobile merchants (e.g., salespeople, truck and limousine drivers, delivery services, etc.) had to use a manual credit card imprinter or wait until they returned to the office to enter the sale. With wireless technology, you are no longer chained to manual imprinters or to your office. A Cardservice wireless account allows you to finalize transactions on location and lower your processing fees.

When you finalize the transaction while you are standing face to face with the customer and you can swipe their card through the wireless terminal, you will get the lowest possible rate available.

If you want to take credit cards on the go, then you have come to the right place. We have a full line of wireless services and credit card terminals with wireless access. Get started now by completing the simple online application.

Wireless magnetic card readers are the wave of the future. Now anyone can accept payments no matter where your location. Perfect for house calls, handymen, service calls, plumbers, mobile mechanics, tow trucks, trade shows, and more.