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Why Accept Credit Cards?

The list below shows only a few reasons to accept credit cards. Statistics show a dramatic increase in revenue and sales when a business offers credit payment options. Simply put, more customers will spend more money when they can pay by credit card.

  1. It will boost your sales.
  2. Accepting credit cards is becoming a must for entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  3. The average American cardholder has roughly four bank credit cards.
  4. Credit card purchase volume has been expanding about 15% per year for the last five years, or three times faster than the increase in overall U.S. purchases.
  5. As of 2005 credit cards accounted for 19% of all purchases, debit cards for 33%, and checks for only 11%.
  6. According to one estimate, businesses lose up to 80% of consumer impulse buys if they don't accept credit cards.

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Why People Use Credit Cards

To understand the growth in credit card use, it's important to grasp the reasons for their popularity. Consumers typically use cards because:

  • They don't want to carry cash
  • They want to save cash in hand
  • They want to gain loyalty points (such as airline miles)
  • They are making a large purchase
  • They are looking to float money in a bank account
  • They are making a reimbursable purchase for a company

Even as credit card use grows in the real world, plastic already dominates the world of Web shopping. This breakdown of how people pay for online purchases demonstrates that credit cards are the key to e-commerce:

  • Credit card online - 85%
  • Check mailed - 10%
  • Credit card via phone - 2%
  • Credit card via mail - 1%
  • Other method - 2%

Paying with plastic is becoming increasingly popular for even routine bills such as gas and electricity. And younger customers' preference for plastic cards is even more pronounced. Check and paper credit use has continued to fall as consumers become more comfortable with the security of online credit card submissions.

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