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Lower My Rate

WBS can (and will) show you how to lower your credit card processing rates on your merchant account.

Cardservice International (now FDIS) has some of the most competitive rates in the industry. As a leader in merchant services, we help set the standard that other merchant service providers often follow.

If you are currently using any other merchant service provider and are unhappy with your rates and fees, WBS provides a free statement analysis service. Simply fax or email us a copy of your current statement and a qualified WBS agent will show you exactly how to lower your rates. Your WBS expert will highlight and explain all inflated fees on your current statement. They will then show you exactly how to lower or eliminate these fees.

Clearing up the confusion on your merchant account statement is just a phone call away. Ask for your no obligation rate and statement review at: 1-855-202-7144.

Most merchants have a bitter sweet experience when they see the results. They are thrilled with how much WBS can save them and upset that they didn't contact us sooner.

*WBS Guarantee: If we can't lower your rate, you can have dinner on us. We pride ourselves on teaching you how to lower your rates for merchants who do credit card processing.