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iPhone® Credit Card Reader

Process credit cards securely and easily with your iPhone®.

Portable, Secure, Simple Processing

Curious about how you can process payment processing on the go? Cardservice International has many solutions for you, but our iPhone® processing solutions are our newest and most exciting ones. All you need is a smart phone, almost any one will work. This works great with our virtual merchant account, so you can accept credit cards anywhere your business takes you.

Benefits For You & Your Customers

  • Encryption: Cardservice International is among the first companies to offer a secure encryption to their mobile reader. Meaning when you choose our competition, you are putting your customers personal and financial data at risk.
  • Processing Limits: Don't get tied down with the processing limits that our competitors enforce.
  • Lower Cost: Overall cost of processing is lower than other dedicated wireless processing solutions.
  • Swiped Rates: Reduced rates due to swiping ability rather than keying.
  • Saves Time: Takes less time when comparing to a phone-in processing solution.
  • Online Reporting: View transactions and other reports online.
  • Flexibility: Accept payments wherever your customers need you to be.

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