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High Risk Merchant Account Services

If you are in need of a high risk merchant account, you have come to the right place. Our high risk partners have a long track record of getting even the most difficult business types and bad credit accounts approved quickly and easily. We can even provide you with a high risk payment gateway for your internet business.

Apply for a high risk credit card processing account over the phone by calling (855) 202-7144 (or) get a free onshore or offshore merchant account quote by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

Although and first data independent sales is not a high risk merchant service provider, we have partnered with the very best and most trusted providers in the industry. It does not matter if you have been declined by other providers. Our high risk payment processors can approve almost any business type so your high risk business can begin accepting credit cards fast and at the most reasonable rates available.

Who can qualify for a high risk merchant account?

Let us be blunt here. Pretty much anyone can qualify if you are honest with us when you apply and you can provide a United States bank account, address and social security number (or) tax ID. High risk merchant providers do not scrutinize your business. Our job is to simply get you processing credit cards fast so your business can keep moving forward.

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What is a high risk merchant account?

Just as it sounds, high risk means being particularly subject to potential danger or hazard. When a bank allows you to open a merchant account with them, they are taking a risk that you will actually deliver the products and services in the way you are promising consumers. If you do not, and too many customers charge back their credit card transactions, the issuing bank has a high risk of loss. For example, if your customer purchases your product and your merchant services provider releases that money to you, then 3 weeks later when they get their credit card bill they contact their credit card provider and dispute the charges, then the merchant services provider gets stuck with the bill until they can collect the money back from you. Some business types are considered high risk because of the nature of that business. Some examples are:

  • Adult web Sites and Products
  • Amusement and Recreation Services
  • Car Rental
  • Bail Bondsmen
  • Lotteries, contests and sweepstakes
  • Check Cashing Services
  • Coin and collectable Shops
  • Collection Agencies
  • Credit Repair
  • Credit card and other Interest Rate Reduction
  • Dating web sites and services
  • Detectives
  • Software sales and downloads
  • Escort Services or Massage Parlors
  • Gun Shops and ammunition
  • High Volume and High Ticket items such as seminars and information products
  • Psychics, Horoscope and Fortune Tellers
  • Investment and money making opportunities
  • Multi-level Marketing or MLM
  • Pawn Shops
  • Telemarketing
  • Pharmaceuticals, vitamins and supplements
  • CBD Merchant Accounts
  • Many other high risk business types not listed here.

What is an offshore high risk merchant account?

We can usually get high risk businesses a merchant account based in the United States but if your particular business type or credit will not allow this and you absolutely must have a merchant account to accept credit cards for your high risk business, then we will take your credit card processing offshore. This simply means that we will acquire you a merchant account that is situated as if you are conducting business abroad. This allows you to take advantage of lower costs and less stringent regulation. Less regulation means your high risk business can get approved fast for a merchant account.

Some high risk business strategies we often use:

Multiple Merchant Accounts for High Risk Businesses

It is not uncommon for businesses with high volume to be considered high risk simply because of the high dollar amounts you process each month. If this is the case with your business, we will help you apply for multiple merchant accounts to lower your risk profile. For example, if you are offering a business opportunity or are doing back of the room sales at a seminar, it is likely that you will have very high sales volume almost overnight. Multiple merchant accounts will allow you to distribute your sales among your different merchant accounts to lower your high risk volume.

This is also a great strategy because you will always have a backup payment gateway or merchant account if your merchant account provider suddenly terminates your credit card processing account. We can help you navigate this entire process and help you create a high risk merchant account processing network. Give us a call directly during business hours for this service: (855) 202-7144.