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Internet sales has grown to represent a significant percentage of retail sales and profits, getting a merchant account can enhance their online services, open new markets and protect the bottom line.

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Accept Credit Cards on your website. E-commerce services can be confusing. This site will teach you exactly how to apply for an e-commerce merchant account and accept credit cards over the internet or with your website.

If you already understand online merchant accounts and want to go straight to the application, use the link below.

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Our goal is to help you understand E-Commerce and online credit card processing. Use the links below to jump directly to the information you need.

Automate payments on my website.

To automatically accept credit card payments with your website, you will need:

  • A merchant account
  • Payment Gateway compatible with your shopping cart

Our E-commerce package is designed to provide everything you need to accept automatic payments on your website. Whether you are selling 1 item or 1,000 items, our Global Gateway(previously Linkpoint) suite of website tools will easily integrate into your website.

Your customer will:

  1. Visit your website
  2. Select the items they want to purchase
  3. Enter their payment information.
  4. Click the buy button

We take it from there. Our payment gateway will verify the information, Authorize and charge the credit card, collect the money from the credit card company and transfer the funds into your bank account.

It really is that easy. We provide step by step instructions and provide everything you need to process online credit card payments. If you want even more help, our customer service is available 24/7 to assist you once your account is active.

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Manually enter payments using a computer

With every e-commerce package, you will receive access to Global Gateway(previously Linkpoint) central. Think of this as your virtual credit card terminal. With Global Gateway(previously Linkpoint) central you will be able to:

  • Manually enter transactions
  • View reports
  • Order online statements
  • View transaction history
  • Setup recurring billing
  • Issue refunds
  • Much more...

Basically, you can do almost everything that you could do using a regular credit card terminal. All you need is a computer with access to the internet and you are ready to go.

Imagine being able to complete credit card transactions from anyplace in the world. Global Gateway(previously Linkpoint) gives you the freedom to be in complete control of your business. All of this combined with the ability to setup automatic payments on your website make the Cardservice E-commerce package the most user friendly, robust system on the market.

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Details on how it works

We have a saying around here. It is that a confused mind never buys. We want you to be as educated as possible on our products and services. This allows you to make the buying process easier for your customers. Once you partner with us, you will have a buddy in the payment processing industry. We will be there to help eliminate confusion from your buying process by providing you with the tools and customer support you want and deserve. Your customers will thank you!

Once again, you can either call us at: 1-855-202-7144 for answers or view the tutorial. Once you understand that our E-commerce package is a perfect fit for both large and small businesses, we are confident that you will want to get started right away. We're here to help.

Setup your E-Commerce package now.
What you get when you order our E-commerce Package:

Every e-commerce package comes with everything you need plus more. We will be available every step of the way to help you understand the power of each tool you receive. We have worked very hard to provide everything you need right now and everything you might need in the future.

Your E-commerce package will deliver the most useful tools in a user friendly environment. Here is a list of what you get and a "brief " description of what each tool is used for.

  1. Merchant Account: A Merchant Account is the relationship agreement between you and the merchant account provider (us), which allows your business to accept credit card payments from customers. The merchant account provider then collects the funds from the credit card company and deposits them directly into the your bank account.
  2. Global Gateway(previously Linkpoint) Connect: enables you to process transactions by using a simple Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) form your Web site. The Global Gateway(previously Linkpoint) Connect service is an innovative transaction processing software that handles all the financial processing behind the scenes and deposits money earned from your orders directly into your bank account.
  3. Global Gateway(previously Linkpoint) API: The Global Gateway(previously Linkpoint) API service allows customers to pay for products and services without leaving a your Web site. The service provides sales, returns, real-time authorizations and real-time reports, and it calculates tax and shipping - giving you control over how payments are processed. In addition, it allows you to build transaction processing applications that can process payments from a Web site or from multiple point-of-sale terminals.
  4. Global Gateway(previously Linkpoint) Central: Think of this as a virtual credit card terminal. It basically allows you to connect to your credit card processing account from any computer connected to the internet. It is also connected to all your Global Gateway(previously Linkpoint) e-commerce solutions. Many people use this to process credit card payments over the phone or via mail order. This is a very robust system that will put you in control of your business.
  5. Fraud Protection: From the latest encryption regulations to fraud protection, Cardservice International delivers safe, reliable transactions. It only makes sense that the largest processor in the nation would provide the most reliable and up to date fraud protection available. You can rest assured that your e-commerce package will be protected with our latest technology.
  6. 24/7 Customer Support: Your customer support will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year to answer your questions. Our staff can address queries in more than 140 languages and dialects. We really do want you to succeed and we're proving it every day. Once you receive your e-commerce package, put us to the test. Call at 2:00 am and we'll be there to answer your questions.

It all sounds good right? Everything you will ever need all in one place. We really do have the most complete e-commerce merchant account available with the customer support to back it up.

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How much does it cost?

Discount rate: 2.37% (Visa/MasterCard)
Per transaction fee: $0.25 (twenty five cents)
Unlimited Customer Support: $10.00
Global Gateway(previously Linkpoint) Gateway: $25.00
Monthly Minimum: $30.00

All statements are FREE* online at

*Explanation Monthly Minimum: This processing fee is collected by your transaction and discount rate fees from your credit card sales each month. So, for example, your monthly minimum is $25, if the transaction and discount rate fees collected by the processing company add up to and equal or go over $25 that month, no monthly minimum will be charged. However, if the fees for that month do not meet the $25 monthly minimum, you will then be charged the difference. You can avoid this fee in many cases by just processing around a thousand dollars per month.

Setup your E-Commerce package now.
I have seen lower rates on other websites. Is your rate the best available?

Keep in mind that there is a lot of tricky wording floating around on other websites regarding merchant account rates and fees. WBS will try to match or beat any rate you find advertised. Use this free service to your advantage. We understand all of the industry jargon and catch phrases. Let us do your homework for you. Simply show us the advertised rate and let us do the research. We will either match that rate or show you exactly where the catch is and explain it in detail. After that, it's up to you to decide who you want to do business with.

Oh! And if that is not enough, if we can't match or beat any deal out there, Dinner is on us. WBS will send you a $100* gift card to the restaurant of your choice.

Our mission is to be up front and clear about all rates and fees associated with opening a merchant account. If there is something you don't understand, please call us toll free at: 1-855-202-7144. We have also created a special page dedicated to evaluating merchant service providers. Visit our Merchant Account Evaluation page.

To compete in an e-commerce environment, merchants need a fast, secure transaction processor they can trust. Whether your web site consists of a few pages or a vast product database, you can count on Global Gateway(previously Linkpoint) to process your transactions quickly and securely. (See our Web Developers Section for technical details)

The Cardservice E-commerce package comes with everything you need (and more) to begin processing credit cards online.

Setup your E-Commerce package now.
Compatible shopping carts with First Data Global Gateway(previously Linkpoint)

To be blunt, If the shopping cart you choose is worth having, it probably already uses the Global Gateway(previously Linkpoint) payment gateway. That being said, here is one we recommend.

Global Gateway(previously Linkpoint) Cart

We can add this to your E-Commerce account after you apply online.

You may also use any other shopping cart provider if they are Global Gateway(previously Linkpoint) Compatible. Most of them are. Just ask.