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Credit Card Processing Services

Accepting credit and debit cards is easier than you think.

Boost Your Sales by Accepting Credit Card payments!

Accepting non-cash payments is becoming an industry standard for entrepreneurs and small businesses. The application and process is easy with our express 3-step online application.

Probably the most difficult part of accepting credit cards is deciding what type of merchant account you need. Here are some simple descriptions of each type of merchant account, how it is used and approximate cost involved.

What type of merchant account do I need?

Retail: You want to process credit cards at the point of sale with a traditional credit card machine.

Wireless: You do business on the go and want to accept cards anyplace with a wireless (Cell phone type) terminal

E-commerce Merchant Account: You want to accept credit cards online or with your website. This type of account can also be used for telephone orders.

Interesting Credit Card Processing Facts:

  • The average American cardholder goes shopping with roughly four major bank credit and debit cards.
  • Credit card purchase volume has an increase of about 15% per year for the last five years, or three times faster than the increase in overall American purchases.
  • As of 2005 credit cards provide 19% of all U.S. purchases, debit cards for 33%, and checks for only 11%.
  • According to The New York Times, businesses forfeit up to 80% of customer impulse buys if they don't accept major bank cards such as Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® and Debit.

Your customer will typically prefer credit card processing so they can use charge or debit cards because:

  • They don't want to carry cash.
  • They want to save money in hand.
  • They want to gain loyalty or gift points (such as airline miles).
  • They are making a large purchase.
  • They are looking to float money in a bank account.
  • They are making a reimbursable purchase for a company.
  • Credit cards offer a guaranteed fraud solution not offered by checks.

Paying with plastic is becoming increasingly popular for even routine service bills such as gas and electricity. And younger customers' preference for online payment gateway technology is even more pronounced. Checks and paper credit use has continued to fall as customers become more secure with e-commerce software and fraud management of online credit card submissions.

Cardservice International provides the credit card processing solutions you require to accept credit, debit, gift cards and checks.

Apply now to accept cards.

We offer merchants competitive pricing, customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in 140 languages and dialects, and one of the largest credit card fraud, loss prevention and charge back departments in the industry.

Getting a merchant account is easy. Cardservice International has an easy 3-step online application. Absolute acceptance of all applications is not guaranteed, however, CSI maintains one of the highest approval rates in the industry and a large percent of our accounts are approved in 48 hours. Simply click on the orange apply now button at the top of this page to get approved for credit card processing.